Budgeting 101

Almost every bride has a budget of some sort. The current average cost of weddings in Pennsylvania is $35,900. In New Jersey, it’s $53,400. If this seems like something out of your budget, that’s okay. There are multiple factors that need to be considered when building your budget, and if you’re over, I have a few ways you can knock the price down. 

Bridal Party

The more girls, the more money. Think about the gifts you give them. If you wanted to get wine glasses that are $25 and you have 10 girls, reconsider and bring it down to 6. You just saved $100 that easily. This price is for obviously more than just their gift but everything else during the entire celebration. Not to mention, they’ll each bring a plus one that you may or may not even know. That puts us on our next topic.

Guest List

How many guests do you need? How many people do you want? Find a happy medium. The difference in 100 people versus 200 people will probably be about $10,000. You’d need more space, more food, more drinks, more favors, more everything.


A lot of brides have been creating center pieces, guest books, invitations, and other decorations by themselves to save hundreds of dollars. One idea for a guest book is to get a photo booth (because the more pics the better!) and have a blank scrapbook on a table nearby for guests to glue their pictures in or for them to take with. Other ones usually have something to do with a wooden board and signature.


Can you afford to travel? Can your guests? Do you want to spend money on a hotel room or stay at your own home? Essentially what I’m getting at is the further the venue, the more expensive it’s going to be. Consider that into all of your walk-throughs, getting ready, driving or flying expenses, etc.

Unnecessary Extras

One thing you don’t need is programs for the guests. They don’t need it and it will likely be thrown out. Favors are also unnecessary when it’s something people don’t want or need. Don’t waste your money if it will be thrown out. A newer wedding trend is getting a videographer. While the video is beautiful, if you’re never going to watch it just hire a good photographer and hang the photos in your home. 

There are SO many ways you can save money for your wedding and I hope these five opened up some options. As always you can contact me for more, I would love to chat!