This post is for all my girls that don’t know if they really need a wedding planner, but need the extra insight as to why even a day-of coordinator can eliminate a lot of your stress. Trust me when I tell you, you will need at least one of these items and you won’t know which one until everything is happening. Essentially, you need all of it but most definitely don’t want to add them to your budget. They’re already included with me! Here are my top five emergency kit items that I bring to every event (along with a loooottt of other stuff).

#1- Cordless Hot Glue Gun

At one of my recent weddings, the cake topper broke. Obviously you don’t want to leave your cake naked and a cake topper is such a great way to dress it up. What happens when it snaps? Girl, you can’t tape that together. It would stick out in the photos and be such a waste. Having the cordless hot glue gun solves that problem and many others!

#2- Pins

Half of the weddings I have worked needed pins for the dress. Whether a clasp breaks, the strap breaks, it fits weird… The answer is pins! You never expect it to happen, but trust me it does regardless of how much money you spent on your dress. Even if it isn’t the brides wedding gown, it could be a bridesmaid dress. Pins, pins, pins!

#3- Gum and Mints

This could be highly debatable, because there are certainly other things required for a good emergency kit. But let’s be real, before any wedding starts every bride and bridesmaid takes at least one! Even the groom and groomsmen need them. After snacking and drinking champagne all morning it’s a total necessity.

#4- Tide To-Go

Back to the snacking and drinking all day, it happens. Someone in the wedding party usually needs to clean themselves up. Always a life saver when needed. Imagine walking down the aisle with a big stain from one last drink… Yikes!

#5- Wax

I personally have the Burt’s Bees wax packed in my kit, and it works great! It’s used for zippers, specifically when they get stuck or need a little help getting zippered all the way. We all know how much our weight can fluctuate and those zippers are so tiny they are easily stuck. 

Hopefully this helped you think about the little things that can happen during your big day. It’s hard to be prepared for every scenario, but I am! If you have any other questions about what I keep in my emergency kit or what else I offer to run your wedding smoothly, don’t hesitate to reach out!