Senior year, the year you have been waiting for and it’s finally here. Did you ever imagine not really having a senior year? I mean how could it go wrong. Seniors looking forward to senior games, senior week, weekend gatherings, prom, graduation, and so much more!  You’re trying to get your grades up, but you’re also having a very relaxed year because let’s be honest you already got accepted into colleges, so now all you have to do is pick one! Some of you were getting excited for your senior trip to Disney World. Warm weather, Florida breeze, a flight with all your classmates, hanging out with your fun teachers, seeing Mickey and all the other wonderful cast members. Ah, to be in Disney. The happiest place on Earth!


Then on March 11, 2020 everything changed. COVID-19, was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. It’s your senior year and you’re wondering what the heck is a pandemic? A pandemic is defined as “an epidemic occurring worldwide, or over a very wide area, crossing international boundaries and usually affecting a large number of people.” Yup, and that would be the Coronavirus friends. Honestly, some of you probably didn’t take it seriously at all. I asked my cousin Jenna, who is a senior at Collingswood High School when her last day of school was. She stated, “It was March 13th. I remembered hearing that we may have off the next week, but I never would have imagined high school would be over for me that day. All my teachers were saying we would be back in a couple days, but sadly that never happened.” 

Then, there’s prom. A night to remember for years to come. Girls already got their prom dresses and guys already got their suits. Out of all the amazing high school functions seniors get to do, prom is definitely the one night they get to look forward to the most. Who doesn’t love getting all dressed up, makeup and hair done, and dancing the night away with friends? It’s something that senior girls have been waiting for since middle school. So much money, time, and excitement were wasted on something getting cancelled due to this pandemic. That’s when Jenna reached out to me. As an event planner she trusted me to create a beautiful backyard prom just for her and her girlfriends. On June 8th that is exactly what I did!

These girls deserved to have a perfect night. I wanted them to wear their dresses, do their hair and makeup, and pretend that prom was never cancelled. I created the backyard into a prom come true; Prom starts at 6:30pm ladies. I worked with Westmont party for all my balloon purchases and Kathleen Roseboro Photography for all their prom poses. When they were ready I had them walk up the driveway where a “PROM” balloon arch would welcome them along with a sign that was made from Creamery Hill Calligraphy. I had a walkway to the stonework where the dance floor would be. I had a dessert bar setup, along with a drink bar. I had two backdrops available, so you could pick which one to pose in front of with friends and family. Of course, I also had a buffet of food available. Thank you to all the parents, who contributed. Let’s just say it was a perfect night. Even when things seem to go wrong there’s always a way to be creative and still have fun! That night those senior girls danced under the stars and had the prom that they deserved.