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Fall Backyard Wedding

Let’s bring us back to this amazing Fall backyard wedding! This wedding was on October 10, 2020 during the pandemic of Covid-19. Shelby and Thomas had an original wedding planned at another venue, but then coronavirus came and decided to stay. This set-back did not stop them from having the most beautiful wedding, surrounded by the people who love them most. Shelby and Thomas were set on their wedding date and made sure to find another way to say their “I Do’s.” Thomas’ aunt’s backyard became the perfect location for their new wedding! Let’s take a look at the bride and groom’s perfect day!

Venue Coordinator Vs. Wedding Coordinator: What The Heck Is The Difference?!

So many of our couples ask, what is the difference between a Venue Coordinator and a Wedding Coordinator? Is there a difference? YES, there is a major difference! We can’t stress this enough. Is it good to have both? ABSOLUTELY. Let me break it down for you. 

Pennsylvania Birthday Party Planner

Oh, the joy of turning one from West Chester, PA to Haddon Township, NJ! This summer has been filled with fun for all ages, especially the boys who had a big celebration on their first birthday. The first birthday bash that I coordinated and designed was on a farm with a “John Deere” theme for my first-born son. For the adults and kids alike, we included hayrides, a “hillbilly pool,” a water slide, LOTS of cake(!!) and desserts, a food truck, a beverage truck, and so much more. Party favors included cups, koozies, and John Deere popcorn. I chose these because they were affordable and suitable for all ages, and of course John Deere popcorn fit the theme perfectly! One of the best pieces of advice I can give from this event is to make sure you get a special, but smaller cake for the birthday child. Not only will it be great for pictures, but your son/daughter will get to eat their cake without ruining all of the guest’s cake!

Pennsylvania Event Planner

Senior year, the year you have been waiting for and it’s finally here. Did you ever imagine not really having a senior year? I mean how could it go wrong. Seniors looking forward to senior games, senior week, weekend gatherings, prom, graduation, and so much more!  You’re trying to get your grades up, but you’re also having a very relaxed year because let’s be honest you already got accepted into colleges, so now all you have to do is pick one! Some of you were getting excited for your senior trip to Disney World. Warm weather, Florida breeze, a flight with all your classmates, hanging out with your fun teachers, seeing Mickey and all the other wonderful cast members. Ah, to be in Disney. The happiest place on Earth!

Designs by Daisy is a company that was created to uniquely develop the event of your dreams. With services of your choosing, we will give you exactly what you are looking for. With every possible decision you might face, we will be right there to help guide you. We are committed to treating our clients with the utmost respect in achieving this most memorable time.

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