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The Best Wedding Emergency Kit Items

This post is for all my girls that don’t know if they really need a wedding planner, but need the extra insight as to why even a day-of coordinator can eliminate a lot of your stress. Trust me when I tell you, you will need at least one of these items and you won’t know which one until everything is happening. Essentially, you need all of it but most definitely don’t want to add them to your budget. They’re already included with me! Here are my top five emergency kit items that I bring to every event (along with a loooottt of other stuff).

#1- Cordless Hot Glue Gun

At one of my recent weddings, the cake topper broke. Obviously you don’t want to leave your cake naked and a cake topper is such a great way to dress it up. What happens when it snaps? Girl, you can’t tape that together. It would stick out in the photos and be such a waste. Having the cordless hot glue gun solves that problem and many others!

#2- Pins

Half of the weddings I have worked needed pins for the dress. Whether a clasp breaks, the strap breaks, it fits weird… The answer is pins! You never expect it to happen, but trust me it does regardless of how much money you spent on your dress. Even if it isn’t the brides wedding gown, it could be a bridesmaid dress. Pins, pins, pins!

#3- Gum and Mints

This could be highly debatable, because there are certainly other things required for a good emergency kit. But let’s be real, before any wedding starts every bride and bridesmaid takes at least one! Even the groom and groomsmen need them. After snacking and drinking champagne all morning it’s a total necessity.

#4- Tide To-Go

Back to the snacking and drinking all day, it happens. Someone in the wedding party usually needs to clean themselves up. Always a life saver when needed. Imagine walking down the aisle with a big stain from one last drink… Yikes!

#5- Wax

I personally have the Burt’s Bees wax packed in my kit, and it works great! It’s used for zippers, specifically when they get stuck or need a little help getting zippered all the way. We all know how much our weight can fluctuate and those zippers are so tiny they are easily stuck. 

Hopefully this helped you think about the little things that can happen during your big day. It’s hard to be prepared for every scenario, but I am! If you have any other questions about what I keep in my emergency kit or what else I offer to run your wedding smoothly, don’t hesitate to reach out! 



Budgeting 101

Budgeting 101

Almost every bride has a budget of some sort. The current average cost of weddings in Pennsylvania is $35,900. In New Jersey, it’s $53,400. If this seems like something out of your budget, that’s okay. There are multiple factors that need to be considered when building your budget, and if you’re over, I have a few ways you can knock the price down. 

Bridal Party

The more girls, the more money. Think about the gifts you give them. If you wanted to get wine glasses that are $25 and you have 10 girls, reconsider and bring it down to 6. You just saved $100 that easily. This price is for obviously more than just their gift but everything else during the entire celebration. Not to mention, they’ll each bring a plus one that you may or may not even know. That puts us on our next topic.

Guest List

How many guests do you need? How many people do you want? Find a happy medium. The difference in 100 people versus 200 people will probably be about $10,000. You’d need more space, more food, more drinks, more favors, more everything.


A lot of brides have been creating center pieces, guest books, invitations, and other decorations by themselves to save hundreds of dollars. One idea for a guest book is to get a photo booth (because the more pics the better!) and have a blank scrapbook on a table nearby for guests to glue their pictures in or for them to take with. Other ones usually have something to do with a wooden board and signature.


Can you afford to travel? Can your guests? Do you want to spend money on a hotel room or stay at your own home? Essentially what I’m getting at is the further the venue, the more expensive it’s going to be. Consider that into all of your walk-throughs, getting ready, driving or flying expenses, etc.

Unnecessary Extras

One thing you don’t need is programs for the guests. They don’t need it and it will likely be thrown out. Favors are also unnecessary when it’s something people don’t want or need. Don’t waste your money if it will be thrown out. A newer wedding trend is getting a videographer. While the video is beautiful, if you’re never going to watch it just hire a good photographer and hang the photos in your home. 

There are SO many ways you can save money for your wedding and I hope these five opened up some options. As always you can contact me for more, I would love to chat!



Wedding Planner in Phladelphia PA

Yes, it is finally Winter! Right now, while sitting here at my fireplace with a warm blanket and a cup of coffee in my hand I am writing about this beautiful holiday styled shoot. Even though at this moment I am looking out my window wishing it was snowing just like today during the styled shoot, I am still more than happy with how my vision came to life. Not sure about anyone else but even though the holidays are filled with all the hustle and bustle, something about the holiday season just makes you feel so happy and cheerful. Could be the music, the crisp and chill air , the bright and joyful colors, or just simply the love and happiness in everyone. Once Thanksgiving was over that’s when I had a vision to create a holiday styled shoot. I wanted a touch of modern bohemian, but also bright, rustic and cheerful vibes. I worked with amazing vendors who allcame together to create a beautiful “micro” wedding holiday styled shoot. If you keep scrolling you will follow the gorgeous day we had!

Engagement Planning

Even though 2020 has brought us a lot of postponements in the wedding industry we still have to give COVID a thanks for sticking couples together for a few months because it led to a lot of engagements. We’re so happy meeting new people like this wonderful couple Anna-Maria and Ed! Ed reached out to Designs by Daisy and had a wonderful idea to propose to his lovely girlfriend Anna-Maria. From there we started the planning process. We picked the cutest winery called the Inn at Grace Winery which is situated on thirty-five acres in the historic Brandywine Valley. We thought it would be a great idea for Ed to tell Anna-Maria they are doing a photoshoot together celebrating their 2nd year anniversary at the winery, and then in a secret location he will get down on one knee. Thank you to Kate Neal Photography for capturing all the amazing pictures from the most perfect day! 

Designs by Daisy is a company that was created to uniquely develop the event of your dreams. With services of your choosing, we will give you exactly what you are looking for. With every possible decision you might face, we will be right there to help guide you. We are committed to treating our clients with the utmost respect in achieving this most memorable time.

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